Efficient use of resources means
saving energy, water, space and costs.

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Facilities & Equipments

Using the advanced Technology in Recycling Process, including Tomra Sorting, Sorema Washing, Erema and Starlinger Pelletizing Technology.

Economy, Society & Environment

CRW will contribute in improving the implantation of environmental awareness of society.

Research & Development / Quality

Credibility is fundamental to our survival, Satisfaction and trust is our eternal pursuit.


A world-class Middle East PET recycler

Billions of plastics bottles are used and disposed every day, most plastics are recyclable. Recycling plastics face many challenges starting from sorting at source and collection before they touch bins, ending with strict processing requirements, meaning high quality recycling machines. Creative Recycling World (CRW) was established in 2015 to be the only and most advanced PET bottle-to-bottle recycler on the Middle East region. Nowadays, CRW is recycling more than 2 million PET bottles a day, and the goal is to reach 8-10 millions.

CRW is a Jeddah-based recycling company that uses its own fleet of vehicles to source and gather all types of recyclable material at its yards located in the industrial area of the city. Once there, this material is sorted, packed and then resold to manufacturers either locally or abroad.

CRW produces very high grade quality recycled PET flakes and/or chips to be a raw material for thermoforming, fiber, nonwoven and strapping factories as well as for food-grade packaging applications in the close future.

"One of the best quality producer I have ever worked with"